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Unique old house in french concession, 1920‘s shanghai historic ambient with charming price
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(Rental Reduced Again!)

1 Br 58 sqm RMB 9000
Lanson Place JinQiao

2 Br 115 sqm RMB 25500

3 Br 90 sqm RMB 8500

3 Br 125 sqm RMB 11000

2 Br 90 sqm RMB 10000
XuJiaHui Garden

2 Br 120 sqm RMB 12500

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have just moved/ I am about to move to Shanghai, where can I find basic information about the city?
The section “Living in Shanghai” can be very helpful, furthermore by browsing our wesbsite you will be able to see a clear view about the property market in Shanghai
What happens if the landlord termintates the lease agreement before its expiration date?
The landlord shall refund the security deposit (without interests) and pay two months rent for penalty as breach of contract.
What are the consequences if the tenant moves out before the end of the lease agreement?
In this case, the landlord has the right not to refund the security deposit as compensation for the breach of contract. Nevertheless the majority of landlords are willing to forego this claim as long as the original tenant produces a new tenant who will take over the lease with the same terms.
What is the difference between renting a fully furnished apartment and unfurnished apartment?
Fully furnished unit are ready to move-in and require less hassle for the tenant. Tenants are subject to the style of the décor, but can negotiate replacing or adding furnishing at a premium. Unfurnished unit has a better bargaining power since the landlord does not have to invest in furnishing.
How much is required as deposit for the rental of an apartment?
Typically, the tenant will be asked to put down the equivalent of a two months’ rent, before moving in the apartment. On the expiry date of the lease agreement, when, all bills, utilities and expenses have been paid, the landlord will refund the deposit (without interests).
Are short-term rentals (less than 12 months) available?
While majority of landlords are seeking a one year-lease term (due to the expenses in securing a tenant), service apartments are available for short-term lease. Unfortunately, the rental price will be more expensive than a comparable long-term lease.
How much is required for a security deposit?
Typically, the tenant will be asked to put down two months’ rent before moving in to the apartment. Upon the end of the lease agreement and after all bills, utilities and expenses have been paid; the landlord will refund the deposit (without interests).
What are the usual payment structures of a rental unit?
Most payment structure is 3 month payment and 1 month deposit; however, based on the listing price, the payment structure may vary. Low listings price usually ask for three month payment and one month security deposit.
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